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Centuries-old technology is teaming with modern day science and Queensland’s resources to generate sustainable energy. Windmills were once used to grind grain, pump water or as metaphors in literary works such as Don Quixote. Today they are being redesigned and used around the globe to harness wind to generate electricity. Read More

Commuters are receiving a “lift” from the natural resources sector every day to and from work. While buses, trains, trams and ferries all contribute to taking cars off the commuter routes, and thereby reducing carbon dioxide levels in cities, each form of public transport needs natural resources. Iron ore and… Read More

Queensland is blessed with a rich endowment of resource wealth, which has seen the state develop a world-class sector which contributes in many ways to the state’s unique quality of life. All Queenslanders know that resources are important to the state’s prosperity, but it can be easy to take the… Read More

Farm hand, railway ganger and part-time rock kicker and fossicker, John Campbell Miles was always on the lookout for the “big one”, the lucky break. Miles had even ridden a pushbike 2,500 kms from Broken Hill to north Queensland in the hope of striking it rich in a new gold… Read More

Oil rich Middle East countries are thirsty for Queensland’s Liquefied Natural Gas, making the state one of the world’s top sea borne exporters of LNG in its own right. According to latest data, Queensland exported 12.02 million tonnes of LNG in 2015-16 through Curtis Island in the central Queensland port… Read More

Among the multitude of heavy vehicles transporting the rich harvest from beneath and above the ground every day along the roads of outback Queensland, one prime mover stands out. Not simply because of its size, or even its decal, although both are impressive. This is the Heart of Australia, an… Read More

Simple question for those thinking of going off the electricity grid. What happens to the lights – and your TV and drinks fridge – when the sun sets and the wind generators stop turning because the breeze has run-out of puff just as Friday night football is about to start?… Read More

Queensland’s natural resources sector is helping the Sunshine State to become one of the sustainable power houses of the world. More of our electricity is coming from solar panels on the roofs of homes throughout the state, with solar “farms” also adding to the energy grid as they spring… Read More

The efficiency of household appliances is saving consumers dollars every day compared to models from just a decade ago. Everything from the washing machine to the TV set boasts more energy efficiency stars. But without the natural resources sector, that level of efficiency may still to be realised. For example,… Read More

A teenage girl in Brisbane, a mining engineer in Mount Isa, a stockbroker in Shanghai, a bus driver in London and a brain surgeon in Boston have one thing in common. In fact, most people in the industrialised world have the same thing in common. They all have a smart… Read More