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The largest generator of solar energy in India, the Adani Group, is seeking to replicate that ranking in Australia. The Australian solar generation projects would be in addition to Adani’s $16.5 billion investment in the planned Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin a well as rail and port facilities. Read More

The rich bauxite deposits of Weipa have basked in the tropical sun for millions of years – and now Rio Tinto is harvesting solar energy to power its operations. In a move that is innovation with a capital “I”, Rio Tinto has partnered with First Solar Inc and the Australian… Read More

Natural resources companies are developing and using latest technologies in Queensland to ensure broad acre agriculturalists and graziers are able share in the bountiful harvest above and below the ground once valuable minerals have been recovered. Many of the rehabilitation projects by natural resource companies have been recognised for their… Read More

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Australia’s role in that historic visit to the moon was captured in the movie “The Dish”, but our natural resources sector was more than a bit player. In particular, there is little acknowledgment of the… Read More

Farm hand, railway ganger and part-time rock kicker and fossicker, John Campbell Miles was always on the lookout for the “big one”, the lucky break. Miles had even ridden a pushbike 2,500 kms from Broken Hill to north Queensland in the hope of striking it rich in a new gold… Read More

Among the multitude of heavy vehicles transporting the rich harvest from beneath and above the ground every day along the roads of outback Queensland, one prime mover stands out. Not simply because of its size, or even its decal, although both are impressive. This is the Heart of Australia, an… Read More

Simple question for those thinking of going off the electricity grid. What happens to the lights – and your TV and drinks fridge – when the sun sets and the wind generators stop turning because the breeze has run-out of puff just as Friday night football is about to start?… Read More

New Hope Group’s commitment to sustainability, through best practice rehabilitation, has been recognised, as the company was recently announced 2016 ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Awards for Sustainability. The award recognises business innovation and technology leaders that execute initiatives demonstrating leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices. Read More

Innovation and diversification is giving Queensland’s natural resources industry a leading edge when it comes to the exploration, development and utilisation of the state’s vast gas reserves. While Queensland has surpassed Russia as an exporter of liquefied natural gas, local use continues to increase, spreading from the domestic kitchen to… Read More