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The rich bauxite deposits of Weipa have basked in the tropical sun for millions of years – and now Rio Tinto is harvesting solar energy to power its operations. In a move that is innovation with a capital “I”, Rio Tinto has partnered with First Solar Inc and the Australian… Read More

A teenage girl in Brisbane, a mining engineer in Mount Isa, a stockbroker in Shanghai, a bus driver in London and a brain surgeon in Boston have one thing in common. In fact, most people in the industrialised world have the same thing in common. They all have a smart… Read More

(LinkedIn) Apr 29, 2016 We keep hearing from media and governments alike that innovation will replace resources. We’re hearing that Queensland is transitioning away from ‘rocks and crops’ into a new digital age or that the so-called ‘ideas boom’ will replace the mining boom. These catchy phrases are being touted… Read More

To meet growing future energy needs, coal and gas will have a very important role within the energy mix, alongside renewable technology. QRC works alongside its member companies to strike a balance between: sustaining economic growth the need for affordable energy the global challenge of carbon reduction practices. The Australian… Read More

The Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) is Australia’s largest most successful partnership between industry and education. It connects the Queensland resources sector, through the Queensland Resources Council and Queensland Government, with schools that are keen to offer their students the opportunities that lead to resources sector career pathways. Read More

Natural resources companies are developing and using latest technologies in Queensland to ensure broad acre agriculturalists and graziers are able share in the bountiful harvest above and below the ground once valuable minerals have been recovered. Many of the rehabilitation projects by natural resource companies have been recognised for their… Read More

As a key player in the sustainability of Australia’s mining and energy resources sector, the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector contributes $90 billion in gross annual revenues to the economy and directly employs more than 386,000 people. As the resources sector moves forward with technological advances including… Read More

As one of the first companies to introduce automated trucks and trains on Australian mine sites, it is no wonder Rio Tinto lies at the forefront for mining innovation, with the use of drones on the rise across many of its Australian operations. The company knows drones produce a wealth… Read More

World-first technologies, in part developed in Queensland, are being harnessed to reduce carbon emissions around the globe – and, importantly, in a commercially viable sense. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies have been tested in several countries around the world – and in Central Queensland at the Callide A… Read More